Bored of your own playing? Tired of playing the same 1-4-5 over and over again?

Well, I was too, which is why I wanted to bring in master blues instructor Corey Congilio to help us out. Whether it is the classic sound of Chicago or Texas Blues or a more modern blues fusion, Corey can do it all.  

In Complete Blues Volume 2, Corey starts to inject the more sophisticated side of blues into your playing. If you have ever wondered where players like Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, and Larry Carlton seem to find all those other cool notes, this course will show you how to find them!

But rather than me tell you why you need this course, let's hear what Corey has to say!


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Complete Blues Guitar Volume 2 will immediately start to improve your blues phrasing in improvisational skills.

To do this we will be working on:

  • Dominant 7 arpeggios over a 12 bar shuffle, diminished lines, and how to superimpose a 2-5-1 arpeggio sequence that will give you a more sophisticated sound when navigating the chord changes of a 12 bar blues.
  • Natural minor scales and Minor 7 arpeggios: We’ll dive even deeper into minor blues where I’ll teach you how to incorporate Natural minor scales and Minor 7 arpeggios. These approaches, along with the tried and true minor pentatonics are a knockout of a combination.
  • Playing the changes: Changing keys in songs is something guitarists that only stick to the standard 12 Bar Blues can have difficulty with. I created a track that will help you understand how to change keys and landing spots for your Pentatonics mid-song. Who doesn’t love the Texas Blues sound? To make it even more fun and exciting, I've created an SRV meets James Brown groove as the backdrop. 
  • Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics: Weaving major and minor pentatonics can really be a challenge for players. Oftentimes, the song is what dictates how we change between them. Once you get the idea of how to combine these scales, you’ll feel like the combinations are endless!
  • Blues-Rock Phrasing: One of the best ways to get beyond 12-Bar Blues is to be able to play over more varied chord progressions. A great way to do that is to play over rock, pop, and R&B progressions. Think '90s era Clapton or modern players like John Mayer. Although the genres may be different, great blues-based playing is always the heart and soul of these types of songs. In this course, I've created a track in the style of modern-era Clapton to explore this approach. 

"On Stage, Corey will dazzle you with prowess and polish In the Studio, he will transform your song, with great pocket and tones.. And in the classroom, he will teach you from the ground up, with his extensive video library. Corey is who every modern guitarist and musician should aspire to be…"

Tim Pierce
Top 10 Session Guitarists as named by Guitar World Magazine

Over 45 Lessons

  • 9th’s, 13ths’ Major and Minor 7s along with Minor7b5’s....yep those chords and more are used in this course in practical ways with shapes that are in reach to any player at an intermediate level.
  • Funky single line riffs and chord partials are presented for those times when the song doesn’t call for full voiced chords.
  • Strumming hand techniques for shuffles, rock and funk styles are covered.
  • Fills for RnB grooves are taught to add flavor to simple progressions.
  • You’ll get a 12 bar blues where each chorus will get progressively more sophisticated by highlighting jazzier chord changes and hip lines.
  • A funky minor blues groove that honors the great fusion players who played on killer records from the 70’s and 80’s.
  • There are Minor 7 chords, arpeggios and more in this one! Imagine SRV was playing in James Brown’s band. Yep, we got that and this track will definitely help you to “Stand The Weather!”
  • You’ll learn how to change keys mid solo and, how playing a funky line riff and 2 note chords can be all you need in a tune. 8 bar blues...what? Yeah it’s thing.
  • You’ll get a fun 8 bar style track with a fun bridge that will remind you of Bill Withers and all of the funky RnB players that made those radio hits so good! This lesson will demonstrate killer examples of mixing and combining Major and Minor Pentatonic.
  • 90’s era blues rock had more than just great guitar playing. That era had great songs. Clapton had a ton of them and this lesson will pay homage to Love Gone Bad by highlighting phrasing reminiscent of his style along with how to play power chord blues rhythm in a large band setting.
  • Unique backing tracks for all of the tunes and each performance is fully transcribed with in PDF and Guitar Pro formats.
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Some FAQs: 


Is there a guarantee?

Yes. I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you can email me for a full refund. 


How is Complete Blues Guitar Volume 2 shipped?

This is an online course. As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive an email with the link to the membership portal and will also be able to download it. 


What level of player is this course designed for?

This course is for the intermediate to late intermediate player and goes deeper than any of my previous releases. Like all of my teaching, you’ll understand the HOW and the WHY! The concepts in Complete Blues Volume 2 are definitely more advanced than previous blues course offerings but, I make them understandable one solo at a time! 


What makes this course different from Corey's other blues courses? 

This course takes you beyond the Blues!

For years I’ve heard from students that they want to break out of the Pentatonic patterns and start to sound more sophisticated (Just think players like Robben Ford and Larry Carlton). People think you need to a deep dive into jazz theory to get there, but you don't! 

Volume 2 really takes the player on a journey that includes arpeggios, natural minor scales, diminished lines, chord tones, and more. I’ve never tackled all of these topics and techniques in one single course…ever!

The truth is, playing guitar in the real world is different than in a guitar course. My goal in all of my content is to prepare the student for battle! You won’t always be in your comfort zone when playing on stage or with friends. The blues jam is a great place to show off what you’ve been working on but, what happens when you’re presented with a tune that’s…not blues! Can you play blues-based lead and rhythm? The answer most likely will be YES but, you have to have practiced those ideas beforehand.

Complete Blues Volume 2 is all about taking those tried and true blues concepts and pushing the envelope and getting you out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s new scales, arpeggios, faster licks or intricate rhythms…you WILL be challenged in this course.


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