Stache Of Licks - Minor Pentatonic

Whether you’re new to the Pentatonic scale or already ripping it up in a cover band at your local bar, melodic soloing and convincing improvisation requires two things. First, a bag of licks to draw from. Second, knowledge of how to solo over chord changes. Stache of licks Minor teaches you just that! Best part, knowledge of complicated theory is not required to get started right away.

This course begins by teaching you all five positions in the pentatonic scale. Next, you’ll be taken through exercises to help build up the dexterity necessary to solo well.

While you need to know how to solo in each position of the pentatonic scale, whats more important is how to spot chord tones within each of those positions. Once you can spot the target notes, soloing musically will be a walk in the park!

Adding feel is one of the most important skills a guitar player can develop. All the greats of guitar have it. Feel is everything from bending and vibrato to timing and dynamics. I will walk you through simple applicable approaches to adding feel in your playing; even if your technique isn’t mind blowing, your ability to connect emotionally with your audience will be.

Finally to tie it all together, we will apply our new found skills to music. This is where the rubber meets the road in guitar playing. I’ll walk you through playing over both a verse and chorus, spotting the chord tones in each, and how to add emotion to your phrasing. Combining all these skills is what will truly take you to that next level.

Stache of Licks Minor will give you everything you need to know to be off and running on your journey down the path to melodic soloing. It is the perfect companion to the Blues Soloing Secrets and Stache of Licks series.