Brett Papa believes anyone can be a great guitarist with the right recipe: one part inspiration, three parts persistence and a healthy dose of fun. As a professional musician, performer and music teacher for over ten years, Brett’s passion for music is infectious. With over 44 million views and 235,000 subscribers from nearly 100 countries and counting, Brett’s guitar instruction videos have become a worldwide youtube sensation.

Known affectionately as “Papastache” by his students, Brett’s humor and approachable teaching style offers an inviting entry into the musical worlds of rock, country and blues alike. With over 800 lessons for beginners to the most advanced players, Papa offers something for everyone and dares you to dive deep in the knowledge.

In addition to teaching, Brett is a renowned guitarist, writing musical scores for TV shows and performing with artists live. Papa was even the right-hand man to Fred Taccone, founder of Divided by 13 custom guitar amplifier shop, the premier boutique amplifier company. Brett’s handiwork is on stage every night with Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and over 185 other major artists.

One of Brett’s current projects includes producing guitar learning content with legendary session guitarist Tim Pierce, the key player for artists like Michael Jackson and Jason Mraz to name a few.

Brett resides in Newport Beach, CA with his wife Sherrie and three children.