Blues Soloing Secrets - Major Pentatonic - Bundle

Major Pentatonic, it’s a sound we’ve all heard many times throughout our lives. It’s the happy counterpart to the Minor Pentatonic scale. A diverse range of bands from the Eagles to Van Halen have used this scale to craft unforgettable melodic solos.

The problem is, major Pentatonic can’t be played the same way the Minor Pentatonic can. Our stock minor riffs just won’t work in major pentatonic because they don’t resolve in the same way. That’s exactly why I created these courses.

Included in this bundle is Blues Soloing Secrets Major Pentatonic Level 1 and Blues Soloing Secrets Major Pentatonic Level 2. 

Level 1 starts at the very beginning. The first section includes an in depth look at the major pentatonic scale in all five positions. I also give you a new set of licks that get you using the scale the right way. You’ll see how to resolve your licks correctly and melodically by targeting chord tones within the scale. Licks and demonstrations will be shown in all five positions so you can effectively use each scale position and gain effortless access to the whole fretboard. 

In the level 1 course there’s a greater concentration on easier and more effective ways to be melodic. You’ll use more sliding instead of bends, easy hammer-on and pull-off riffs, and simple double stop licks to help you create solid melodic content. Until your finger strength and technical abilities are built up, we’ll concentrate on slower playing with an emphasis on feel. Taking a less is more approach to soloing you’ll be able to quickly progress into playing more challenging and complex phrases.

Level 2 picks up where we left off in Blues Soloing Secrets Major Pentatonic Level 1. It puts a heavy emphasis on melodic soloing ideas and techniques. I’ll show you how to bend, twist, and break all the rules of playing strict major pentatonic licks. This will open the door to understanding how the greats of guitar were able to craft such amazing melodic solos. You’ll learn the how-to’s of playing both inside and outside the box, taking your playing to a whole new level.

This course starts off like level 1 by going over lick ideas in each position. But now that your finger strength and dexterity has improved, its time to up your game. I help you do this by adding techniques like bending and vibrato, quicker runs, string skipping, more position shifts, chromatic licks, hybrid picking, and using more chord tones outside of the major pentatonic box. The creative potential these techniques unlock is endless and will take your playing to the place of your dreams.

In the second section of level 2, you’ll learn to apply these techniques practically. The professionally produced jam tracks are the same as in level one, so if you’re working through both courses you’re already familiar with where the target notes are. However, that is where the similarities stop. This course will challenge you with longer, faster, and more complex riffs while retaining the heavy emphasis on melody. I’ll also show you more examples over the verses and choruses, hitting those sections from every angle.