Should You Practice Rhythm In Your Warm Up Routine?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

Should you practice rhythm in your warm up routine? The answer, in short is absolutely! Think about it, 90% of the time you play guitar whether learning songs or playing in a band is playing rhythm guitar. So, it’s crucial that you focus on rhythm at least part of the time in your warm up. Remember your favorite songs, the ones that inspired you to play guitar? They’re always composed of great rhythm parts, so naturally you should have a routine to help develop that side of your playing.

With that said, rhythm guitar is what I have always struggled with most. Single note arpeggiated stuff in particular was my weakest link as a player and as it turns out, I’ve realized I’m not alone. To work through that, I developed a routine for myself that I’m going to share with you in this video. I’ll go over some picking hand patterns, incorporate some fretting hand techniques and some ear training to boot! A three for one special, just for you! The cool thing about this lesson is that once you implement it into your practice routine it will help you become a more melodic player as well. To see how this all comes together check out the video below. If you missed part one, “finger twisters” you can check it out here.

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