Want to Supercharge Your Rhythm Playing?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

I’ve been teaching people how to play guitar for over 15 years and noticed a common theme among most of my students. They can play some songs, know some scales, and most can do some lead work. The problem comes when it’s time to play rhythm and lead with a metronome or a drummer. While metronomes are great they can be more difficult to start with and to be honest, a little boring. That’s where your new drummer I’ve found comes into play (pun intended)!

Jamming with a solid drummer will have a huge impact on your ability, it will literally improve every aspect of your guitar playing!! Want to be able to lay down a fat rhythm groove or bust out a perfectly pocketed solo? Then, understanding how to play with a drummer is crucial! Don’t get me wrong, learning to play your favorite song is great; but playing that song while locked in with the rhythm section, now we’re talking!

If you’ve ever wanted to play in a band, being able to lay it down with a drummer will get you the gigs! However, showing up to play with a drummer if you never have can feel pretty intimidating. Just imagine, having another person stare at you while you fumble through trying to find your groove. So what do you do to prepare? Well, this is where the new lesson I’ve created comes in!

In this lesson, I’ll teach you the basic fundamentals on how to start playing with a drummer in the safety of your own home. We’ll start by just learning to listen for the drummer’s groove. Once you’re able to hear the patterns being played on the hi hat, kick, and snare, you’ll learn to sync your picking hand to the groove that the drummer is playing. This creates the feel that gets everybody on the dance floor in your local bar or head banging at the nearby stadium.

What if you just want to jam at home and never want to play with a real drummer or band? Not to worry, this lesson is perfect for that too. Just download the tracks to your computer and away you go! It’s even more fun with a bumping stereo, it will be about as close as you can get to the real thing! Fun for days!

Click the video below. Also make sure to download the drum track I’ve created that goes with the lesson so you can rock out too. Happy grooving!

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