Minor Pentatonic - Level 1


This course will familiarize you with the five positions of the minor pentatonic scale while helping you gain the tools to create music. Mastering scales is just one aspect of playing guitar - it’s the application of those scales through playing music that really makes a guitarist great. This course is focused on going beyond the positions by helping you grow as a player and find the sound you want.

The beginning of this course will be a more exact approach to allow mastery over the technical concepts of minor pentatonic. We’ll then move to taking on your fretboard with a more artistic approach. Blending these two together is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll begin to understand why certain guitar solos sound so satisfying and what gives them such a memorable feel. We’ll do a deep dive into licks and play over jam tracks to ensure accuracy. By the end of this course, you’ll not only be a minor pentatonic machine - you’ll also know how to see the chord tones in the scale, add feel to licks, and play over music.

Blues Soloing Secrets - Minor Pentatonic - Level 1 Includes:

  • 13 hours of video lessons
  • 94 licks
  • 5 Jam Tracks
  • PDF Downloads with full tabs
  • Instant access from your computer, tablet or smartphone

Blues Soloing Secrets

Minor Pentatonic - Level 1

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Start with learning the Minor Pentatonic Scale, all the shapes and exercises to get that dexterity dialed in!

We move from the Minor Pentatonic Scale to the Target Notes, to Chaining the Positions Together and finally soloing over the Jam Tracks.

Instant Access

Once you buy Blues Soloing Secrets you will have instant access to the full course! 

You can access the course from your computer, tablet or smartphone with the Kajabi app.

94 Licks - 5 Backing Tracks

This course is jam packed with 94 licks and 5 professionally produced (with the help of Tim Pierce) Jam Tracks. These tracks include Verse Licks and Chorus Licks.


In addition to the video lessons, you will also get downloadable PDFs with tabs, making it easy to take the content and apply it to your playing.

Blues Soloing Secrets

Minor Pentatonic - Level 1