Foundations Of Rhythm

Classic Rock Edition


Foundations Of Rhythm

Rhythm Is Everything

And This Will Make You Better Fast!!!


Foundations of Rhythm | Classic Rock Edition was designed to get you slamming’ rhythm chops fast. It has everything you need for a rock-solid grasp of rock ‘n’ roll rhythm and was made to meet you where you are regardless of your level. 


If there is one thing every guitarist no matter the skill level should work on its rhythm. It’s the foundation of music and without it, your song or playing will never have the feeling that it could.  


Every great tune you have ever heard gets its entire feel from the rhythm. 


Rhythm is wired into our DNA to feel it. If you hear a song where the rhythm is good your body almost can't help moving to the beat and it’s also a direct gateway to our emotions. 


From strumming, palm muting, arpeggiated melody lines, pick fanning, knowing when and when not to play, and locking in with the rhythm section these things matter and make or break how your playing comes across to others.  


So where does one begin to get better at rhythm?


You start with the foundation of every song, the beat!


The beat and learning to lock in with the drums or the rhythm section. And learning how to play off it is everything. 


The great news is it’s incredibly fun to do and a fantastic way to improve every aspect of your playing.  


We’ll get you locked in with the band and creating your own rhythm progressions in minutes. 


Whether you are a couch jammer, in a cover or church band, or even an aspiring songwriter Foundations of Rhythm | Classic Rock Edition will give you the rhythm foundation and tools you need to succeed. 


Included in the Course:

✅ Over 5 Hours of Video Lessons

✅ Studio Backing Tracks recorded with A-List Nashville Recording Artists (You will feel like you are in the band!) 

✅ Drum Loops to Practice Over

✅ PDF Chords Charts and Resources

✅ Guitar Pro Files


You’re gonna love this new way to practice and improve your playing!


Foundations Of Rhythm

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Foundations Of Rhythm

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Foundations Of Rhythm