What’s the ONE Thing That Separates Average Guitar Players From The Pros?

If you want to discover how one of the top session guitarists in the world is about to play “record ready” solos at a moment’s notice… 

… and how you can do it too… EVEN IF you’ve always struggled to play in a band or play memorable solos from scratch… make sure you read every word on this page. 

First, I want to tell you a quick story…

My name’s Brett Papa. 

I’ve been a professional musician, performer and music teacher for over 10 years. 

I’ve written musical scores for popular TV shows. 

You can also hear my handiwork on stage every night with Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and 100+ other major artists. 

But many moons ago, one of my first gigs was at Divided by 13, a popular guitar amplifier shop. 

One day, I look over at my pal Fred and say, "So who is one of your favorite players in town?"

Fred had seen them all...

Every kind of session and touring guitarist... producers, film scorers, hobbyists, unknown legends, and on and on... pretty much every kind of musician imaginable.  

Without delay he said, "Tim Pierce."

Although I'd heard that name before I wasn’t familiar with his playing style.

I also wasn't sure what he did other than being a session guitarist.  

So I tucked that name away in the "awesome guitarists file" and went on my way.  

But building amps wasn’t my only job at Divided by 13.

I also had to drop them off at music stores and studios all over Southern California.  

So I started asking the employees at these places about their Top 3 favorite guitarists in town.

Sure enough... everyone said Tim Pierce every time!

I started to wonder...

"Who IS this guy I keep hearing about?" 

I went home and decided to do a little detective work on YouTube. 

And only 5 videos came up!!  

One of them was a short but awesome clip of him demoing a Xotic BB Booster pedal. 

Right away, I saw what everyone was talking about. The melodic fire and tone was enough to know that Tim was definitely something special!  

I mean you don’t get to be named one of the Top 10 session guitarists of all time for nothing, right!?!

So when the day came to drop an amp off at Tim's house... I was jumping out of my seat!

By this time I already had a pretty good following on YouTube.

I wondered if he would be up for shooting a video... or two?

When I got there he was downstairs getting some coffee so I leaped at the opportunity!  

“So Tim have you ever thought about doing YouTube videos?”  

And to my surprise he said yes!  

The rest, as they say, is history.

When I got my chance to see Tim in a session and witness what he could do on the fly my jaw... nearly hit the floor!  

Now I knew why guitarists thought of session musicians as some of the best improvisers on earth!  

And I knew guitar players were going to freak when they saw Tim in action!  

No one had ever given such an in-depth look into the mysterious world of music-making magic like Tim.  

At least, not until that point.

8 years, dozens of YouTube videos, and three courses later Full Spectrum Guitar was born! 

If you ever wanted a DEEP dive into one of the most guarded professions in the music business… with a legendary session guitarist like Tim Pierce…

And if you’ve been dreaming of the day that you could start thinking and playing like a true professional... now’s your chance!   

We left no stone unturned... 

You’ll discover how you can play record-ready rhythm and lead guitar parts AND come up with massive radio-ready tones.

Full Spectrum Guitar will completely transform your playing in as little as a few short weeks. 

Here’s what else you can expect inside this premium set of TWO courses:


  • Discover how you can think on your feet and play memorable solos at the drop of a hat
  • TIMELESS STYLE: Classic rhythm and blues comping from Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer
  • The secrets to “one-string” playing and how to make the frets “disappear” 
  • One of the most melodic things you can do when playing lead… and how to combine speed with sounds your audience will remember on the drive back home 
  • A “hybrid” style of lead playing you haven’t seen… and fantastic alternative to single-note soloing… that you’ll be running back to again and again 
  • REVEALED: The most POWERFUL thing you can do when playing a melody to make it sound more “connected”
  • How to alternate between “clean” and “dirty” styles of playing with ease 
  • FILL IN THE BLANKS: “_____ sensitivity is equally important in lead playing as it is in rhythm playing.” Don’t know the answer? You’ll find out in the course!
  • The easy way to get a relaxed AND strong vibrato (hint: it’s where ALL the strength is in your playing)
  • The type of blues playing Tim will NEVER stop loving… and one of Tim’s greatest influences. You’ll get access to some of Tim’s best lessons from these “closed-door” sessions. 
  • Tim’s Favorite Gear! How to use them, when to use them and why.
  • Plus… lots lots more!

When you purchase the Full Spectrum Guitar package, you’ll discover how YOU can play in a band, play on songs, play soulfully and play from the heart. 


"If you can master this course with complete understanding of the concepts presented here, you’re going to be a fairly accomplished musician. 

I’m 71 years old and thanks to Tim Pierce and Brett Papa, I’m enjoying hearing the music that I’m creating with the guitar."  - Bert Clark


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Brett (and Tim)



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