Hendrix - The Deep Cuts

A Player’s Perspective

with RJ Ronquillo


Hendrix - The Deep Cuts

A Hendrix Course Unlike Any Other...


True fans of Hendrix know that some of his greatest guitar playing came from the "jam" era. 


In Hendrix The Deep Cuts, RJ Ronquillo will take you on a journey into the Hendrix jam era, and trust me, your guitar playing will never be the same. 


If you want to get those "Hendrix" kind of licks under your fingers, and you want to know the how and why behind all his voodoo magic then DO NOT miss out on this!


We aren’t talking Purple Haze, Fire, and Watch Tower Hendrix either, these are the deep cuts, the extended jams, the era of pushing sonic boundaries... 


Tunes in the style of From The Storm, Hey Baby, and Villanova Junction, RJ has brewed up some serious Voodoo Soup for you.


You will be jamming out like Hendrix in no time! 


This is the Ultimate "In The Style of Hendrix" Experience, killer jam tracks, tabs, in-depth instruction, and more!


If you want to feel Hendrix in your hands and unleash the Fire in your fingertips then Hendrix the Deep Cuts is the course for you!


There is nothing else like it!


The Course Includes:

âś… Over 3 Hours of Video Lessons

âś… Downloadable TABs in PDF Format

âś… Guitar Pro Files

✅ Studio Quality Backing Tracks 

Hendrix - The Deep Cuts

Course Outline

Course Outline

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Hendrix - The Deep Cuts