Lick 1

Hard Rock Guitar Lesson - Lick In The Style Of George Lynch and Warren Demartini

Lick 2

Melodic Soloing Tips - Seeing Chords Inside The Scales - Guitar Lesson

Lick 3

Blues Rock And Modern Country Soloing Idea - Guitar Lesson - Pentatonic Licks

Lick 4

Tips To Create Modern Melodic Solos - Guitar Lesson

Lick 5

Jimi Hendrix Bending Lick - Guitar Lesson - Blues Rock Soloing Soloing Ideas

Lick 6

Chicken Fried Metal Licks - Guitar Lesson - Country And Heavy Metal Soloing

Lick 7

Guitar Lesson - Learn To Make Your Soloing Licks More Melodic

Lick 8

Jimi Hendrix Style Rhythm Tips - Guitar Lesson

Lick 9

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix Style Blues Soloing - Guitar Lesson

Lick 10

Find The Chords Find Your Melody - Melodic Soloing Tips

Lick 11

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style - The Things (That) I Used To Do

Lick 12

Van Halen Style Licks

Lick 13

Rhythmic Soloing Idea I Picked Up From Nuno Bettencourt

Lick 14

How To Spice Up Your Pentatonic Playing In 10 Minutes

Lick 15

Working The Fretboard - Ascending Lick - Blues Soloing

Lick 16

Riff in the style of Van Halen Lynch and The Cars

Lick 17

Change Your Guitar Soloing Mindset From Scales To Chords

Lick 18

Quick Blues Rock Lick - Pentatonic Soloing

Lick 19

Spice Up Your Pentatonic Playing With 2 Notes

Lick 20

The More Positions The Better - Pentatonic Blues Soloing

Lick 21

Supercharge Your Soloing - Mixing Major And Minor Pentatonic

Lick 22

The Magic Of Pentatonic Position 5

Lick 23

Make Your Blues Licks More Melodic In 10 Minutes Or Less

Lick 24

Soloing Tips - Chord Tones And The Hangover Note

Lick 26

Moving Through Pentatonic Positions - Blues Rock Soloing Tips

Lick 27

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Lick

Lick 28

Journey - Stone In Love - Solo Lick - Mixing Major And Minor

Lick 29

Using The CAGED System To Drastically Improve Your Solos

Lick 30

How To Create Blues Rock Licks That Work

Lick 32

Change Up Your Patterns And Massively Improve Your Playing

Lick 33

Hitting The Chord Changes - Melodic Lick Ideas

Lick 34

How To Mix Major And Minor Pentatonic

Lick 35

The Secret To Endless Fun On Guitar

Lick 36

How To Easily Solo Over Chord Changes - Target Notes

Lick 38

How To Use Hendrix Style Double Stops In Your Rhythm Playing

Lick 39

Using Hendrix Style Double Stops In Your Lead Playing

Lick 40

Using Hendrix Style Double Stops Over A Minor Chord

Lick 41

Using Minor Hendrix Style Double Stops In Your Lead Playing

Lick 42

Easy Way To Play Rhythm Like Hendrix SRV and Pearl Jam

Lick 43

Joe Walsh And Don Felder Style Licks

Lick 44

My Favorite Red House Lick - Jimi Hendrix

Lick 45

Couple Things I Snagged From Hendrix Van Halen And Clapton

Lick 46

How To Switch Between Major And Minor Pentatonic In One Lick

Lick 47

Use The Whole Fretboard In One Lick - Southern Rock Licks

Lick 48

How To Play Pentatonic Scales Faster - Your Questions Answered

Lick 49

Chaining Pentatonic Positions Together For Better Licks

Lick 50

Give Your Licks Some Space By Adding Bending And Vibrato

Lick 51

Blues Rock Licks In The Style Of Demartini Lynch and Van Halen

Lick 52

Arpeggios And The CAGED System - Game Changer For Playing Melodic Solos

Lick 53

Angry Blues And Hard Rock Licks

Lick 54

How To Make Your Licks Sound More Fluid And Connected

Lick 55

Angry Hard Rock Southern Blues Licks

Lick 56

How To Incorporate Van Halen Style Licks Into Your Playing

Lick 57

3 Keys To Southern Rock Soloing

Lick 58

Bored With Your Playing - Add Arpeggios

Lick 59

Easily Combine Major Pentatonic And Arpeggios

Lick 60

Mixing Major And Minor Pentatonic Lick Ideas

Lick 61

How To Solo Over Major Chords Using Pentatonic And Major Scales

Lick 62

Using Major Pentatonic And Mixolydian Scales To Solo Melodically On Guitar

Lick 63

Why Targeting Chord Tones Is The Secret To Melodic Soloing

Lick 65

Use All Five Pentatonic Positions In One Lick Idea

Lick 66

How To Mix Major Pentatonic And Chromatic Licks

Lick 67

How To Mix Minor Pentatonic And Chromatic Licks

Lick 68

Hybrid Picking and Coloring Outside The Lines - Major and Minor

Lick 69

All About The Bass - Using Wider Intervals - Guitar Lesson - Chromatic Phrasing


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