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First off... Welcome, welcome, welcome. 

So here is the deal, I have been working really hard to create a Membership platform to help you become a better guitar player in every way.

There are already 53 never before seen videos (soon to be hundred) already added to the extensive lesson collection (over 60 hours of content). 

And wait.. there is more! Keep scrolling to see the full list of what is included with the Membership. 

As a Member you can expect:

  • Instant access to every one of my courses (currently over 50 hours of content and growing) 
  • Currently over 50 new Member only lessons and tons more in the works 
  • Priority access to new courses. This means you’ll get the lessons “dripped out,” one-by-one, as they’re created... (including the soon to be released Hendrix course) giving you the opportunity to share feedback before they’re released to the public. 
  • Special, “deep dive” guitar lessons you won’t find on YouTube… or anywhere else… 
  • In-Depth Interviews with the world’s top guitarists talking about everything from touring, recording, gear and more (coming soon)
  • Gear tips and how to get killer guitar tones — regardless of budget (coming soon)
  • Lots of content suited for all levels including new acoustic guitar lessons

That’s not all… 

As an added benefit, Members will get early access to lessons from upcoming courses, including "Playing in The Style of Jimi Hendrix." 


You’ll also get 25% off all the courses I produce with other teachers like Robbie Calvo, Corey Congilio, and Jeff McErlain.  

As a special bonus, The three courses I filmed with legendary session guitarist Tim Pierce (A Session Mans Guide to Rhythm Guitar, A Session Man's Guide to Lead Guitar, and Making the Song) will now also part of the membership course!

Those courses alone add another 212 videos to the already hundreds of videos in the membership.



As part of the Membership Community, you'll get instant access to all my current courses, including:

  • HENDRIX Unleashed: The Complete Guide To Playing In The Style Of Hendrix
  • CAGED Unleashed (My most popular course, it blows people's minds...their words, not mine) 
  • Blues Soloing Secrets Major 1&2 
  • Blues Soloing Secrets Minor 1&2
  • Stache of Licks Major
  • Stache of Licks Minor


PLUS you'll get access to all new member-only lessons that'll cover in-depth topics such as: 

  • In-depth exploration of rhythm and lead guitar in a variety of styles
  • Crafting your perfect tone...learning the ins and outs of gear.
  • Finding your rhythm... the important role of playing along with drum loops and jam tracks 
  • Member-only monthly livestreams so I can answer your questions on-the-spot to help you dial in your perfect path for learning guitar.


My goal is to consistently stock the membership site with fresh new content, so whatever road you want to take as a player — we got ya covered..

Eventually you'll have access to hundreds of simple, effective, and fun lessons.

So if you're excited about becoming a better guitar player...

Just click the Join Now button, and I'll see you on the inside. 


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