Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic


Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic

Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic!

Well folks it's finally here!  After two attempts at making it I have finally finished a course I am totally satisfied with. 

If you have ever wanted to add mixing major and minor pentatonic to your bag of tricks you are gonna love this one!

It comes with everything you need to succeed. You will get jam tracks, tabs, scale diagrams, guitar pro files and more!

This course was designed with one thing in mind and that’s giving you the ability to create and improvise on your own!  

Sure I got plenty of licks in there for ya but as the saying goes why just feed a man when you can teach him to fish and feed himself. 

Mixing Major and Minor has 6 Sections:

Section one will go over some basic ways to manipulate and break the rules of typical major and minor pentatonic playing. Things like using flat thirds, flat fifths, and also things like chromatic phrasing. 

Section two is the concept of fusing major and minor pentatonic scales together. Here I will show how to mix the two scales in all five positions so the road map will be there.  

Section three is playing with a beat. Let’s face it that is one of the most important and difficult challenges facing guitarists. If you can’t play in time you are gonna have real issues if you plan on playing with other people or jamming to tracks. This section will give you ideas and tools so that your pocket will be tight and your licks will feel greasy haha!

Section four is possibly the most important section, building a lick vocabulary. This is where we will use a simple jam track to learn how to simultaneously not only mix major and minor pentatonic scales but more importantly how to spot and use the chord tones within the scale shapes so that our licks will actually make sense over the chords that are being played. You know important stuff like making music instead of just fumbling through scale patterns lol!

Section five is all about techniques you can use to actually create melodies. It will give you practical steps to begin to develop your ear so that you can start to be able to play the ideas you hear in your head. If you aren’t hearing licks in your head now fear not cause you will after this. 

Also in this section, we work on getting your chops to feel good. Feel is all the little things that take a good guitarist become great. Things like timing, vibrato, bending, changing positions and more. Feel is what ties phrasing and improvising all together.  If you got good licks and your feel is great there is nothing stopping you from leveling up and soloing like a true pro. 

Section six is where it gets real. Can you jam over a progression or not? If that is something that seems intimidating to you now don’t worry it won’t after this. The jam track we play to in section 6 is perfect for mixing major and minor pentatonic. 

I designed the Roadhouse jam track so you can work on two different solo and improvising approaches. In the first approach, you can play primarily major pentatonic and pepper in some minor biker bar aggression, or two you can get down and dirty and use some tough minor blues chops and sprinkle a touch of major sunshine in there!

Both approaches will really drive home the mixing major and minor pentatonic concept and let you choose the type of emotional phrasing you want your listeners to feel. 

Either way by the end of this section you will be well on your way to mastering fusing major and minor pentatonic scales together. 

But wait there’s more!

After all that I decided I’m not gonna let the first attempt at this course go to waste. I will also include mixing major and minor pentatonic V1 for free. It’s another six hours of ideas, licks, and phrasing options to go along with what you’ve learned so far.  Combined, that means you will be getting over 12 hours of course content!

Mixing Major and Minor Includes:

  • Instant Access to Over 12 Hours of Lessons!
  • Over 6 hours of Core Content

  • Over 6 hours of BONUS Content 

  • Lots of content suited for all levels
  • PDF Downloads with full TABs
  • Instant access from your computer, tablet or smartphone 


Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic

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Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic