Next Level Hendrix

A Player’s Perspective

with RJ Ronquillo


Next Level Hendrix

An Exploration Into The Sounds And Style

Of Jimi Hendrix

Arguably Jimi Hendrix is the most influential blues rock guitarist of all time is. In 5 short years the catalogue of music he left behind is almost unparalleled to any other guitar player in history.


His style was infectious. Steeped in the blues, with the fire of rock, the swagger of funk, and down-home elements of R&B Hendrix had it all!


Top it off with his ingenious use of tone, feedback, and the effects of the day he was able to weave a sonic voodoo that had never been experienced before.


His influence on modern music is undeniable... There would be no Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or John Mayer without Hendrix.


Learning Hendrix’s style is something every guitar player needs to do, as it teaches you everything you need to be a competent guitarist. Rhythm, lead, melody, feel, timing, tone, improvising, creative and uncommon chord progressions, blues, rock, funk, jazz, and on and on.


This course is designed for guitarists who want to unlock the secrets behind Hendrix's iconic style and add a touch of his electrifying magic to their own playing. Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals of blues and rock or an experienced guitarist seeking to master the intricacies of Hendrix's innovative techniques, this course has something for everyone.

We'll dissect signature riffs, licks, rhythm playing, lead playing, and even tones and gear - all the Hendrix-isms are covered.


✅ Starting with a song in the style of "Hey Joe", a folk song covered by Jimi, that became one of his iconic hits. The recognizable chord progression lends itself to Hendrix's signature rhythm playing as well as beautifully composed melodic soloing.

✅ "Izzybelle" in the the style of Hendrix's "Isabella", is a rhythmic powerhouse paired with Jimi's unbridled blues playing. Combine it with his quintessential Univibe tone, and you've got one of my all time favorite Jimi jams!

✅ Finally, "Submachine Gun" in the style of "Machine Gun" is filled to the brim with single-note riffs and his trademark soloing. This one chord jam is the perfect blank canvas to express all the Jimi-isms you will learn.


The Course Includes:

✅ Over 3 Hours of Video Lessons

✅ Downloadable TABs in PDF Format

✅ Guitar Pro Files

✅ Studio Quality Backing Tracks recorded with some of the top session players in Nashville! 

Next Level Hendrix

Course Outline

Course Outline

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Next Level Hendrix