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The Magic Of Triads with Jack Ruch


This is the next course on your quest to get better at guitar!


If you want to get better fast, then Jack Ruch is the teacher for you, and I am excited to introduce you to his latest course The Magic of Triads.

A hometown hero in Nashville, Jack is a brilliant teacher whose style has earned him a legion of fans among heavyweights like Guthrie Trapp, Uncle Larry, Kirk Fletcher, the session cats, and more. There's something hypnotic about the way Jack plays—it draws you in and doesn't let go.

Jack's latest course dives deep into the world of triads and will help you uncover why they are among the most valuable tools a guitarist can possess. You will unlock new heights in both your rhythm and lead playing. 

Supercharged rhythm playing, crafting incredible secondary guitar parts, polished fills, creative soloing, and lead phrasing...who wouldn't want all of that?

In the Magic of Triads, you will learn all things triads:

​✅ Basic triad theory and shapes
​​✅ Major and minor triads
​✅ â€‹How to connect triads together
​​✅ Rhythm chords and embellishments
​​✅ Solo fills and embellishments
​​✅ Creating second guitar parts
​​✅ Spread triads
​​✅ Upper structure 7th and 9th triads
​​✅ Nailing target notes over chord progressions
​​✅ Bluesy triads
​​✅ Chord tone soloing
​​✅ And so much more!
Once you get a handle on triads you won’t believe how much the fretboard opens up in every way. 
It’s not often a player like Jack dishes the goods on how they play the way they do but Jack lays it all out here. This course is the key! Check out Next Level Rhythm And Soloing The Magic Of Triads and see what the hype is all about!
Tabs, jam tracks, and Guitar Pro files all included.

Next Level Rhythm & Soloing
-The Magic of Triads-

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Next Level Rhythm & Soloing
-The Magic of Triads-