Oh gear!  If you are like me it has been an addiction for most of my guitar playing life!  If I could only get back the money I have spent trying to find “the sound” I could probably buy a house.  But you know what they say “with age comes wisdom” or at least you hope and I’m still hoping haha! These days my arsenal of gear has shrunk quite a bit. I have found that the less I use the happier I am with my sound.


Although I love all types of amplifiers for the past 10 years I have been a tried and true Divided by 13 user. The amps I use are the Divded by 13 BTR 23 and the JRT 9/15. They are hand built in America and are built like a tank!  If you are into recording or playing live they are tough to beat. Check out their client list. Not one of those artists was given an amplifier and that should tell you something.


Both of the electrics are Bill Nash guitars. The pink Strat is a 60’s style strat with Lollar S series single coil pickups and a Lollar Imperial Low Wind in the bridge. The Tele is also a 60’s style with Lollar S series tele pickups. Both guitars have Alder bodies and Rosewood necks.

My acoustic guitar is a Martin 00018 Golden Era. It is equipped with a L.R. Baggs pickup. I have never used it or heard it but I hear it’s nice haha!


Oh pedals how I love you! I can never have enough and I believe I have had most of them at one point. These days I have scaled down quite a bit. My board right now has a RC Booster, Divided by 13 Lift, Barber Gain Changer, Line 6 M5, Strymon Mobius and Flint, Way Huge Echo-Puss, and a Line 6 Echo Park.  Some other pedals I have and are fantastic companies to check out are WamplerLovepedalXTS, MXRBossFulltone, Rockett Pedals, and Basic Audio.

Strings and Picks

For strings I use Elixir Nanoweb 9-42 on my electric. On acoustic guitar I also use Elixir strings. Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 13-53  For picks I typically use Dunlop Tortex picks. I use the orange, yellow, and green picks.