The Pentatonic Players Guide to Mastering the Modes

Are you a guitarist that loves the Pentatonic scale, but wish you could add new sounds to it without learning a bunch of music theory?


What if I told you that it IS possible to capture the flavor and sound of all 7 of the modes by just using ONE familiar pentatonic pattern that you already know?

Pentatonic Player's Guide To Mastering The Modes


An Example Of What You Will Learn


But learning the modes is super tricky... right? NOPE!!!

After years of searching, I have never found anyone who makes modal playing easier to understand than Robbie Calvo.

He is the go-to man for learning how to evoke the sounds of the modes within your playing.

Great thing is, in this course, he shows you how to do it using only one Pentatonic shape!!!

In this step-by-step guide he will show you how to sound amazing, immediately in any one of the 7 modes using just one Pentatonic shape!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. This course makes the modes simpler than ever to understand and apply instantly into your own playing.

The result?

A course that lets you take your own licks, regardless of your playing ability, and instantly capture the sounds of any of the seven modes all over the neck, without ever having to learn somebody else's licks, or tons of music theory!

To all you shredders out there, if you think this course sounds too easy for you, wait until you see what happens when you combine this concept with all five Pentatonic shapes... the melodic magic potential will blow your mind!

Who would have thought shifting a single five-note Pentatonic scale shape around the neck would be the key to unlocking the mystery of the modes!!!

The Pentatonic Players Guide to Mastering the Modes is Presented by:

Robbie Calvo

Hawaii-based session player, composer, songwriter, musical director, instructor and Yamaha/Line6 clinician

Brett Papa

Nashville-based songwriter, performer, music teacher, and YouTube sensation with over 211,000 subscribers

“The Pentatonic Players Guide to Mastering the Modes is the fast track to playing melodic solos using the scales and licks you already know.

All we’re doing is applying that one simple scale shape, in three fretboard locations, to evoke all of the magic flavors contained within each of the seven modes.” -Robbie Calvo

What's Inside

40+ Modules and over 4 Hours of Content!

Robbie's unique, easy going and seasoned teaching approach guides you through the course, with lots of easy to follow playing examples over killer jam tracks.

Included with the video lessons and jam tracks you'll also get chord/scale diagrams and all the tab and notation for any additional studies.

Bonus Video: Modal Inspirations

The great thing about this course is you can apply the concept to your playing immediately with dramatic results.

However for me personally, Im such a big fan of Robbie's playing style and sound that I wanted to do a deep dive into all things Robbie. 

In this IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW we will learn:

  • A handful of Robbie's most coveted and soulful licks
  • His unique approach to solo and melody creation
  • How to seamlessly and tastefully add double-stops, chromatic runs, arpeggios and interesting interval choices to your solos. Change interesting to ear grabbing interval choices that will change your solo phrasing from typical into memorable

  • How Robbie gets his incredible tone. A look into his Yamaha REVSTAR guitars and his masterful use of the Line6 Helix
  • And much, much more...

Bringing someone into your home for a week to record a course, gives you a unique ability to get inside the mindset of incredible guitarists, like Robbie. 

I couldn't pass on the opportunity to pick his brain and find out how he became the truly amazing guitar player that he is today.


Pentatonic Player's Guide To Mastering The Modes

"By far the simplest presentation of the Modes I've found. I'd searched the depths of YouTube only getting more and more confused. Robbie Calvo presents the basics and details of modality very clearly.

He emphasizes what most instructors miss, Modes are a tool not only for playing over chord changes BUT creating a MOOD, His solos are very clearly presented and he breaks out of the first position for you to get the feel of the modes in other places on the neck under your fingers "

- Jeffery

"Amazing TEACHER! All other lessons on the modes (some of them done from real good and talented guitarist’s) were like "nuclear physics" to me. Robbie took an approach that really made it simple. After the first two lessons I already knew how to play solos in other modes. "

- Femia




Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: We sure do! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason (and you don't have to give a reason) you don't like the course, you can ask for a full refund.

Q: How is Pentatonic Modal Mastery delivered?

A: This is an online course. Streamable on your desktop or by using the Kajabi App on your mobile device (thats right you can take it anywhere with you). 

Q: What makes this course different from other guitar courses that teach the modes?

A: Our mission is to have you sounding drastically better within minutes of starting the course.

Not months. 

Not years. 

With Robbie's unique approach, it has never been easier. 

Not only do you get a powerful Modal course, but also multiple in-depth interviews for further exploration and application. 


Pentatonic Player's Guide To Mastering The Modes

"Filming this course really opened my eyes to the magic behind this concept. There is no other approach, that I have found, to learning the modes that is simpler and more effective than what Robbie breaks down in this course. I was instantly applying this to my own playing between takes, I couldn't get enough. You are going to LOVE this course!!!" -Brett Papa



If you have questions, please email me directly at [email protected] and let me know how I can help.



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