Shades Of The Blues

with RJ Ronquillo


Are you craving the sound of something different in your own playing?


Imagine what it would be like if YOU were the person that started to play and suddenly everyone in the room perked up because they were finally hearing something unique, fresh, and alive... That would be a pretty amazing feeling, wouldn’t it?


Now let me clarify there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good stash of classic blues licks to pull from, in fact it’s mandatory when starting out BUT and this is a big BUT let’s face when you are the 20th person in line at the next blues jam and that’s all the crowds heard all night stock blues licks just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. 


Well here in Nashville we got a guy... Whether it’s in the studio, on YouTube, or as a side man lighting it up on stages all across the globe with artists like Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin, Thompson Square, and Stone Sour my buddy RJ Ronquillo is one of those players that lights up the stage every time! 


RJ's innate talent, and decades of playing experience across diverse genres, including Classic Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Hard Rock, and Metal have given birth to a sound that's uniquely his own.


More recently his YouTube channel’s epic equipment demos, ferocious playing style, and epic blues phrasing has made him an International hit amongst guitar players and music enthusiasts worldwide. 


Luckily for all of us RJ recently came by the studio to explain his unique take on mastering the many different Shades Of The Blues.


👉 It’s a deep dive into his vast array of blues influences that is guaranteed to take your chops and improvising to the next level. 


If you've ever wanted to master the art of blues guitar and dive deep into various styles of blues, from the soulful "Classic Blues" of the 3 Kings, to the electrifying "Rock Blues" ala’ Hendrix, Ace Frehley, Angus Young, EVH, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons, the Jazz and West Coast Blues influenced sound of players like Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Kid Ramos and Junior Watson then this course is your ticket to musical nirvana. 


Shades Of The Blues unveils the musical potential and undiscovered hidden gems of phrasing when fusing multiple musical genres into your blues guitar playing. 


This course was designed to not only take a deep look into RJ’s favorite guitarists, his own amazing style, and unravel the mysteries of how RJ is able to pull from a diverse list of musical genres to create captivating blues riffs, soulful solos, and a unique blues style all his own but also it’s a blueprint of how you can do the same and use it to empower and inspire you to step outside of the typical blues box and forge a distinct and original blues sound of your own. 


Whether you're a seasoned guitarist seeking to expand your blues repertoire or a beginner / intermediate-level player with a passion for the blues, the concepts covered in this course will cater to almost all skill levels.


If you are a fan of the blues,  Shades Of The Blues is an epic blues journey!  From learning 1,000 pound BB style blues licks, incorporating super smooth jazz arpeggiated lines, wicked pocketed funky blues, or just straight up fire breathing blues rock licks this course will absolutely not only inspire you to play but make you a much more versatile guitarist in the process!


Like every Player’s Perspective course, we let the masters show you the way and the rest as they say is up to you!


"This course is a deep dive into some of the various blues-based styles that have influenced my playing. We cover everything from jazz influences, classic electric blues, rock, and my personal mix of all these styles. Elements such as outside playing, stylistic techniques, and many of my signature "go-to" licks are covered in the different sections. Not just teaching licks but also talking about why I'm playing what i'm playing, and in general, my approach to playing blues based music. I know this course will help you discover a new side of your playing" -RJ


In Shades Of The Blues, you will learn:

​✅ Signature solos and rhythms

​​✅ Theory concepts and how to utilize them when improvising

✅ Pentatonic tips and tricks

✅ Breaking out of the standard pentatonic shapes and licks

✅ Playing "outside"

✅ Shredding "hacks"

✅ Phrasing concepts and ideas

✅ Tasteful soloing 
Shades of the Blues Includes:

✅ Instant Access to 27 Video Lessons!

✅ Over 4 hours of Content

✅ Lots of lessons suited for all levels

✅PDF Downloads with full TABs

✅Guitar Pro Files

✅ Instant access from your computer, tablet or smartphone


Shades Of The Blues

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Shades Of The Blues