CAGED Unleashed

Discover A Proven Method To Finally "Unleash" The Solos Stuck In Your Head

I don’t know about you... but when I hear the word "CAGED" I thought of being stuck in a box.

What if I told you that instead of being trapped... CAGED would set you free?

That is exactly what the CAGED method has done for me and tens of thousands of other guitar players.

Does this sound familiar?

You know some chords, some scales, a bunch of popular songs and how to play many of your favorite solos.

You even have a good handle on guitar techniques like picking, bending, muting, and vibrato...

But when it comes time to improvise a solo with a band or some friends... or write a solo for your OWN song you wrote... you're totally lost.

I know that feeling! And I was there for years!!

I could play whatever I wanted, played in bands, wrote some songs the even ended up on TV and some records, but man was I in a rut!

I'd been playing for over 15 years and was plain bored with my playing.

Even worse, I felt that after so many years, things should just click!

Improvising or writing should be easy and have a flow to it by now, right!?! Not so much!

Until I discovered...


The CAGED method!!!

Yes woohoo! CAGED was the "key to the castle."

Now I know what you might be thinking:

"Is this another promise from some internet dude just trying to sell a product that is a bunch of HYPE, no substance, time-wasting garbage... that'll waste my time AND money?

Nope!  Listen to what these people had to say:

"Hi Brett

I have bought a lot of your products over the years and they are all excellent.

Whether you are a beginner to advanced your teaching style is second to none

With your humour, knowledge of the fretboard, skillful guitar playing supported with tabs backing tracks and and easy explanation of the chords and solos played over the backing tracks is pure gold.

Your latest product caged unleashed is for me the best you have done. It just opens the fretboard right up ...

Seeing the chords in different shapes all over the neck outlining the scales and chord tones..

Man if you want to create your own solos this i highly recommend to you all....

Take care  brett and thank you for  helping guitar players around the world like me to  become...the best they want to be..."

Baz ..  Also AKA Barney on Your YouTube Channel as Barney



I have bought Caged unleashed and your other courses as well – revelation.

I’ve been trying to play guitar for years and just stuck in a rut the Caged course made a massive difference.

As just one an example I managed to work out Blowing free by wishbone Ash.

This was purely because of the understanding I gained from the course, it showed me how to work out the chord structure and understand how the solo worked and fitted over the chords.

I have been on so many guitar sites and wasted a lot of money, I’m sticking with this one. Brett thank you, will be purchasing Tim’s courses as well in the future and as always – MORE PLEASE.

Thank you and Best Regards"




I wholeheartedly agree with the testimonial you emailed from T. Kellen.

Your course fully explains the CAGED system and then gives real-life, smokin' examples of riffs that can be built from the associated scales.

You illustrate a solid base to grasp these concepts and then explore linking these ideas over 2 or more of the positions to utilize the whole fretboard. A great approach to really understanding how to build a great solo.

I've gone back to many of the videos again and again to reinforce and internalize the concepts. This is a great course.




So what is the CAGED system and why do you need to know it?

I’ll get to that, but first a little backstory...


I taught guitar for years in a little shop in Edmond, OK called Edmond Music.

It’s still there today and if you ever find yourself out that way drop in and tell them I sent ya! Great people!  

One of the reasons I quit teaching guitar was that even though I had tons of technique and could impress the little moldable minds that walked through the door with the latest Van Halen tapping lick or some killer Jimi rhythm chops...

I just didn’t feel as a teacher that I understood the instrument all that well either.

Once my students got to a certain point they wanted answers that I could't give them like:

"How do I solo over chord changes?"

"What notes do I hit over this chord?"

"Why can’t I solo even though I know the right scale to play over this progression?"

"Why don’t my solos feel good?" and on and on!

That gets us back to the trust and money part I mentioned earlier.

When people give you money they want answers and results!!

So I quit teaching guitar there and moved back to California.  I figured if I’m going to find the secrets of guitar someone out there would know!

I searched high and low, took lessons, learned more songs blah blah blah and still nothing.

I almost decided to put the guitar down and do something else.

Until that fateful day when I walked into Divided by 13 and landed myself a job building amps.

It was there I met tons of the world's best players.

And they gave me a piece of advice that changed my life:

"Learn the chords all over the neck."

Okay?  So what does that have to do with anything?

It’s everything!!!

So I started to try to learn my chords all over the neck.

It wasn’t easy, and honestly at the end of the day it just seemed like learning another scale.

"There has got to be an easier way," I thought!

There was!!

Turns out one of my childhood friends became the biggest guitar teacher on the planet.

Some of you might know him.

His name is Marty Schwartz.

My Introduction To YouTube (and teaching online)

Marty convinced me to start teaching again on this new thing called YouTube.  It was through that experience that everything came into focus.

I started looking for the best way to explain all the popular topics to my viewers:

- How to learn songs

- How to solo

- How to improvise etc.

How could I clearly and effectively teach concepts and songs in a short amount of time and have people get it?

The comment section - that's how!

This was the brilliant thing about YouTube.

Now thousands of people could give instant feedback on what I was teaching and if it helped.

Very cool, and sometimes brutally honest lol!

Through teaching on YouTube I met tons of amazing people and guitarists... which led me to one fateful night in Anaheim, California!  

Meeting The Master: Guthrie Govan

I was at a store called Tone Merchants checking out some pedals (I'm a junkie).

The owner/friend of mine asked “You ever heard of a guy named Guthrie Govan?"


"Well he's playing here tonight. You should stick around and check him out."

So I did.

"Holy smokes! Who on earth is this guy?" I thought.

He had a command over the instrument like no-one I'd ever seen.

No joke, he was downright terrifying:

There was no style, trick, or lick he couldn’t play.

How was he so good?  I don’t know.

I never got to talk to him until years later lol!

My CAGED Discovery

Guthrie was doing a clinic and concert for Suhr guitars at a place called Wild West Guitars in Riverside, California.  

Wasn't too far of a drive so I decided to go.

My buddy was working and got me in.

It was there on a hot summer night I got to hang with him a bit backstage before his show and ask him some questions.

And it was there that this long-winded coffee-infused story will all make sense...

He looked at me and said,

"Go home and look up the CAGED system."

I figured if this guy is telling my I’m going to listen, so I did and BAM!

There it was!

It hit me like lightning.

It was everything all those world class players had told me back at Divided by 13 to do.

Once again I was learning the chords all over the neck, but now, there was an incredibly easy way to learn it.

And boy did it work.

So I thought, "Will this work for anyone else?"  

I decided to make some videos on the basic ideas of the CAGED system, and boy oh boy - talk about some positive feedback!

The videos started taking off big time!  Thousands of people were leaving comments like these:


"Hi Brett,

Your CAGED course has been wonderful!  

1) The first challenge was the question of price compared to value.  The New Year sales offer helped. I'm ok with plopping down 80-100 bucks for a course, but I wanted to make sure it was not just a bunch of licks.

2) For me, the best part of the course was the songs and the licks in context of those songs.  Most specifically, the songs section helped to really start to get the feel of soloing over chord changes and changes from major to minor.  

After going through the licks section of the course, I haven't gone back.  But I keep going back to the songs section to continue to work on connecting chord tones to my solos. This part of the course is simply invaluable. Your chill personality and attitude helps too!

3)  I've done other courses on soloing over chord changes but for some reason things really clicked this time when going through your course. So I would say the results have met my expectations.  

Your website connection works super well too.  I lot of other sites, videos take a while to stream sometimes, but yours is always lightning fast.  Really helpful.

4) I would recommend this course and I would say what I said above.  




"Great course.

I was aware of caged and have been learning arpeggios along with major and minor scales and was kind of naturally learning how to find chords and notes all over the neck.

I’m an old guy that just started playing again and always knew pentatonic.

This course showed me new avenues to explore incorporating what I’ve already learned.

I haven’t finished it yet because I’m working weird hours right now but for a young guy coming up or an old guy like me trying to get better if you only take 10 percent of what you learn it will make you a much better player.

I learn in little steps sometime put it to use when it becomes apart of my playing then go back and pick up something new that you weren’t ready for at the time.

Thanks Brett"

-C. Holloway


I discovered a key to make it EASY for guitarists to see and understand their fretboard in a whole new way!

I got thousands of comments just like this:

“Dude this video was my lightbulb moment. Why didn’t someone show me this first!?!”

And I totally got it because that's exactly what I thought too!

The CAGED Course

I started to design lessons based on the feedback I was getting.

I tried to hone-in on how to teach the CAGED system.

I wanted to help students improve their playing (and my own haha) in the least time possible!

It wasn’t until I started filming and producing guitar products with top session guitarists like Tim Pierce that it all came together.  

Now I could see the CAGED system put into use on a professional level.

I mean... Guthrie Govan is phenomenal, but his playing style isn’t for everyone.

Plus few players will ever even come close to that level.

Tim Pierce, on the other hand, writes parts for songs that millions of people hear everyday on the radio.

I don’t know if you've ever seen A-list session guitar players work before... but I can tell you from experience that they're hands-down some of the best improvisers on earth.

Imagine having to come up with world class guitar parts, for the BIGGEST artists in music, in just about ANY style... on the spot, when the clock is ticking and the pressure is on!

Not an easy task!

As I continued to teach I got a deeper understanding of the CAGED system.

It unlocks the fretboard like nothing else.

When you see the chords everywhere, you know the right notes to hit over the chord progression... no matter what the progression or style of song, rhythm or lead!

Top it off with the bag of licks you might already know and now you'll know how to use them much more effectively.

Now you aren’t just noodling around, hoping to land on the right notes.

You're playing with confidence because you know what notes will work!

So after thousands of hours teaching YouTube videos... making courses of my own and with other players... and answering and reading thousands and thousands of comments and emails from customers and students...

I designed a course that I promise you will unlock the doors to your playing like nothing else.

If it doesn’t I’ll give you your money back (to be honest though it rarely ever happens).

Just read the reviews:


"I really liked the caged unleashed.

I now have gotten the big and am still working out the details.

Your enthusiasm and energy are the best part and it’s contagious.

You make me feel like I can do it too.

I go back and rewind sections to refresh my memory banks.

Knowing where the root notes are located and what cage form they are in is huge. 

My biggest challenge is working on the chord changes.

BTW your interviews with Corey, Guthrie and of course Tim are great.

Getting more melodic is the quest.

Keep up the awesome work."

-John Celeste



Probably 15 years ago I tried to learn the Caged system, it was kind of hit and miss for me.

While I learned a lot as far as positional transition when I solo, I found that I just was kind of mechanically doing things, so I just kind of went back to doing things they way I always have, incorporating some of what I  learned.

With your course, while I'm still in the middle of it, I have learned a lot. Just the way you build your course around songs, makes it less boring like it was taking theory courses.

I find I can incorporate a lot of what you teach almost instantly, the reason why is you show the CAGED in a song setting, with solo ideas.

I've learned so far how to more effectively use the transitions to make phrasing easier due to note sequence when jumping around the different caged boxes.  

I has made my solos more melodic, I used to rely a lot on inspiration, a lof my playing was akin to tightrope walking, meaning sometimes I nailed things but other times I'd get sloppy and fail a bit, more like fumbling for the right note or timing of a phrase.

Now, its already become easier knowing and understanding how I can shift patterns and even play kind of in a modal manner by hitting notes in the scale during chord changes.

Its actually simplified playing a lot, and I am hoping to gain even more insight as I get further in the course, I'd say I am about 1/2 way though right now.

I can't thank you enough, the way your courses are set up, for a player on my level, it makes sense and I can easily play not just memorizing your solos.

Just understanding and seeing how you mix up and transition in sections has opened up a lot of creativity for me.

I have always been more of a blues player, but have had theory lessons and have played somewhat technical music, but for some reason I always end up getting "LOST" and I find myself re exploring my blues roots to find the missing Mojo or fire once I get to technical.

This CAGED course has shown me how I can use my "ROOTS" and still play in a kind of Modal way... if that makes any sense whatsoever...

I've invested in most your courses and thats because I think my playing style is very similar to yours,  I am truly greatful for your courses.

Feeling is everything and I think your CAGED course brings it all together.

Deepest Gratitude,"

Eddie N.


This course and this system will make a HUGE difference in your playing.

It'll take you from copying licks to making your own... from sounding like a novice to sounding much more seasoned and legit...  and at the end of the day make you happier with your own playing and style.

No matter your goals...

- Jamming on the couch

- Playin' with some buddies at the local bar

- Blasting out your tunes at stadiums around the world

This course will get you one step (or even lots of steps!) closer to that dream!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Buy “CAGED UNLEASHED: The Ultimate Guide to Fretboard Mastery”

This is a 9.5 hour course spread out over 21 modules.

This course will show you:

  • The CAGED system in both major and minor

  • The pentatonic scale in both major and minor… and my personal favorite - mixing the two together!!

  • The Pentatonic scales and shapes (major and minor)

  • A powerful shortcut to create over 50 pentatonic licks using each of the shapes in the CAGED system


The first section of CAGED Unleashed is all about the licks.  

Not just any old licks however, this section is about designing licks.  

You'll discover how to create blues rock pentatonic licks from the ground up with the chord tones in mind.

30 of them to be exact... covering EVERY pentatonic position in both major and minor!

Knowing how to play licks centered around chord tones is critical when it comes to melodic improvising.


This is where the rubber meets the road.  

Here we put our skills to the test and jam over 4 professionally recorded jam tracks (three which were recorded with some of the top session musicians in Nashville).  

This is where the CAGED systems importance will become blatantly obvious!

You'll find 10+ full-length solos designed to show you EXACTLY how to apply the CAGED system to chord progressions.  

This is where we learn all about mixing the scales and the CAGED system together, hitting target notes, melodic phrasing, and playing over the changes.  

This will show you the skills you need to be able to jam over any progression the band throws at you!  

You’re also getting:

  • Tons more musical phrasing ideas - not just licks (The difference is we’re seeing how to design licks or phrasing ideas with chord progressions in mind)

  • Expert techniques to add some serious feel to your solos… with raking, bending, vibrato, dynamic pick attack, sliding, legato, outside notes, notes that are in the chords (but NOT in the scale), modal notes, and much more!

Finally, you’ll also get tabs in both standard notation AND guitar pro files.

"Hi Brett

I first came across you when I saw a YouTube video with you and Shawn Tubbs.  

I thoroughly loved your style of video where you ask your guest to slow it down and show us how to play 'that' lick.

I am now a subscriber to your channel and have purchased  CAGED Unleashed. I am hooked.

The biggest challenge that I faced with my guitar playing is that I started as a child and at the age of 22 stopped playing.  

In the last 12 months I started to play again and now at the age of 50 I am finding that I have forgotten more than I ever learned. But, I am committed to playing and learning something on the guitar every day.

YouTube has been a huge part of me playing again as this medium was obviously never available to me in the 1980's and early 90's.  Neither was a video course such as CAGED Unleashed.

My biggest concern about having lessons face to face with a physical teacher is that the older I am my time is very limited.  

A video course such as CAGED Unleashed is ideal as I can progress through it at my own pace. I have found that your teaching style is perfect and that you go to the trouble to explain everything.

The course has opened my mind to a whole lot more than I ever knew. I was always aware of certain theory but as I am a visual linguist it really started to make sense when I saw how you explained it in video.

While I am still only part way through the course, it has allowed me to be able to better visualise chords, notes and patterns than ever before. My playing is improving more and more each day.

I can truly attest that this course is for any level of player regardless of age.

All the best and thank you!

Kind regards,"


"Hey Brett,

I got your Stash of Licks courses little over a year ago & the caged system a couple of months ago.

These course have helped my playing tremendously, I like the way you explain things without getting too technical.

I was transposing some licks from the stache course the other day to one of caged lessons & I was going for the key of C when I went to the D shape of C at the top of the neck all of a sudden I saw all the C chords all the way up the neck.

So to anyone thinking about getting the Caged system lessons they are well worth it my opinion, they work and Brett will show how to navigate around all the positions with ease.

I always look forward to your new videos on YouTube really liking all the guest you have been having lately although sometimes I get distracted from the lessons.

Anyway Brett your lessons are the only on-line lessons I have purchased and they work for me, so "If it's not broke don't try to fix it"





I have used the CAGED course to learn about the major, minor, seventh, ninth, extended, chords and the major, minor, pentatonic scales, plus the numerous licks Brett shows you.

He demonstrates how to apply the knowledge and licks to the fretboard, so you get a total understanding of the material he is teaching, so you can play everywhere on the fretboard.  

Not only do these lesson teach the most valuable knowledge about playing guitar, this material is knowledge you will use the rest of your guitar playing life.  

Once you complete the course, you will gain the understanding of how music is written and with practice you will be able to figure out on your own the songs you want to learn, you will no longer need tab to figure out how a song is played.  

Give the CAGED course a try, especially if you are serious about wanting to learn to play like a professional and quit wasting valuable time on the internet trying to learn tab to a song that you could play on your own if you know the CAGED system.  

No longer will you need to buy tabbed out music books to learn songs.  

Please do yourself the biggest favor you ever could about your musical education and invest in the CAGED course, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain to make you a great musician, plus you get a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry.  

Brett answers any questions you have and also you can post comments and converse with other members in the chat section.


Mike Kessler

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