CAGED Unleashed

Here’s What You’re Getting:

CAGED Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide to Fretboard Mastery.

This is a 9.5 hour course spread out over 21 modules.

This course will show you:

  • The CAGED system shapes in both major and minor and my personal favorite - mixing the two together!!
  • The Pentatonic scales and shapes (major and minor)
  • A powerful shortcut to create over 50 pentatonic licks using each of the shapes in the CAGED system

FYI: Nobody teaches this stuff and it’s a major reason guitarists continue to struggle with their solos.

You’re also getting:

  • 4 professionally recorded jam tracks (three which were recorded with some of the top session musicians in Nashville).
  • Tons more musical phrasing ideas - not just licks (The difference is we’re seeing how to design licks or phrasing ideas with chord progressions in mind)
  • Expert secrets to add feel with raking, bending, vibrato, dynamic pick attack, sliding, legato, outside notes, notes that are in the chords (but not in the scale), modal notes, and much more!

You’ll also get tabs in both standard notation AND guitar pro files.

I’m planning some additional content for the course, so when you purchased CAGED Unleashed you’ll ALSO get access to future updates completely free.


SPECIAL BONUS: Stache of Licks - Major and Minor Pentatonic break down the 5 positions in the pentatonic scale, help you build up finger dexterity and spot chord tones so you can continue layering skills on top of that foundation you’ll build with CAGED Unleashed.

By the way… you can’t get these Stache courses anywhere else - not even on this website, so here’s your chance to grab ‘em while they’re available.