Stache Of Licks - Major Pentatonic

Many guitarists spend years learning all sorts of minor pentatonic licks only to find out that major pentatonic aren’t played the same way. But don’t fret- with the help of this course and just a couple of tweaks you’ll be well on your way to recognizing chord tones within the Major pentatonic scale.

Whether you’re new to the Pentatonic scale or already ripping it up in a cover band, melodic soloing and convincing improvisation requires two things: knowledge of how to solo over chord changes and a bag of licks to draw from when the right moment strikes. Stache Of Licks - Major Pentatonic teaches these concepts and more with no knowledge of complicated theory required!

We’ll start off by learning the major pentatonic scale in all five positions, building up your familiarity with each spot by learning five licks in each position and a series of licks chaining the positions together. Then we’ll begin the crucial step of adding feel to your licks. Learning techniques like bending and vibrato while varying timing and dynamics is what will really make you stand out. Regardless of how fast or slow you go, once you’ve start mastering feel you’ll sound like a seasoned player. Finally, I’ll walk you through playing over music. We’ll spot the chord tones in each song and perfect how to add emotion to your phrasing.

Stache of Licks - Major provides everything you need to know in the journey toward perfecting melodic solos.