Blues Soloing Secrets - Major Pentatonic - Level 1


Major pentatonic, the upbeat counterpart to the minor pentatonic scale, is the unique sound behind many of your favorite guitar solos.

The major pentatonic scale can’t be played the same way as the minor, mainly because it doesn’t resolve similarly. That’s why I created this course – to give you an in depth look at all five positions and share how to effectively use them to gain effortless access to the whole fretboard.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to comfortably solo over major chord progressions with the confidence of knowing where all the target notes are throughout the guitar neck. This course takes the scale approach rather than chordal is what makes this course distinct.

With over 6 hours of content and all jam track tabs included, this beginner level course reveals the secrets of the major pentatonic scale – giving you a comprehensive introduction to creating unforgettable melodic solos.