Tim Pierce Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Tim Pierce - Making The Song
  • Tim Pierce - A Session Man's Guide to Rhythm Guitar

Making The Song

With over 30 years of session work under his belt, Tim Pierce is one of the greatest session guitarist of all time. His unmatched experience in the studio and expertise on soloing, rhythm, sounds, gear, and crating parts for songs can be at your fingertips with Tim Pierce’s Making The Song. This detailed, nine hour digital course includes over 100 videos designed for players of every skill level: from beginners to those looking to up their game.

The course begins with Tim’s personal encyclopedia of rock licks which will literally walk you up the latter in genres ranging from classic to progressive rock. The goal is to combine taste with technique. The heart and soul of the tutorial comes when Tim goes into the psychology of every note and phrase he plays. Later, with Tim’s help, you’ll take the jam tracks, break them down to the drums, and build them up again with all new guitar parts. Finally, you’ll wrap up with an extensive tour of guitars, amps, and effects. This course is truly the first of its kind, giving you invaluable tools of the trade and the secrets of getting tone all for less than the cost of a pedal. 

A Session Man's Guide to Rhythm Guitar

Tips and techniques for record ready parts.

Learn how to:

  • play parts that FEEL good regardless of your level
  • master solidly pocketing an 8th note style rock groove for driving rhythm tracks
  • use different chord inversions all over the neck
  • play in diverse styles of music from 60’s R&B, 80’s style pop rock, all the way to present day massive rock and country hits
  • create feel filled funk grooves that will get any room or track dancing
  • layer arpeggiated guitar lines with big rock chords to create huge radio ready choruses
  • create dynamic parts with space that will make you a hit with any singer or songwriter in your town
  • create perfect and unique guitar tones by using different combinations of amp sounds and effects pedals
  • create classic two guitar player harmonies in the style of The Allman Brothers
  • use delay effects to make bouncing edge like guitar parts or expansive keyboard pad sounds
  • use different amounts of overdrive and pickup combinations to get a massive array of tones. Even if you only have one guitar, you’ll be able to maximize your tonal expressiveness
  • pick in different spots on the guitar to sonically enhance the sounds of your rhythms from bright to warm and round
  • infuse different styles of music in your song or jams. From Petty style Rock, Chili Pepper funk, all the way to huge U2 style delay tracks to greatly enhance your songwriting creativity and ability to take your listener in any direction you desire.