Stache Of Licks - Minor Pentatonic

Stache of Licks - Minor provides everything for your journey toward nailing melodic solos. It begins by teaching you all five positions in the pentatonic scale. You’ll be taken through exercises to help build up the dexterity necessary to solo well. We’ll then master how to spot chord tones within each position, making soloing a breeze.

hether you’re new to the Pentatonic scale or you’ve been ripping it up since your high school talent show, melodic soloing and convincing improvisation requires two things: knowledge of how to solo over chord changes and a bag of licks to draw from when the right moment hits. This course teaches these concepts and more with no knowledge of complicated theory required!

Once you’ve conquered positioning in the beginning of the course, we’ll begin adding feel - one of the most important skills a guitarist can develop. Feel is everything from bending and vibrato to timing and dynamics. We’ll walk through applicable approaches to adding feel in your playing, which allows the ability to truly connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Finally, we’ll apply our newfound skills to music by playing over both a verse and chorus, spotting the chord tones in each, and mastering how to add emotion to your phrasing. Combining all these elements will truly takes you to the next level.