The Art Of Melodic Soloing

with Jack Ruch


The name kind of implies it all, doesn’t it?…

Melodic soloing is an art form, and much like art, greatness is often created through a series of simple techniques put together, and not talent you are born with.


The questions then become: What are those techniques and where do you find them? Where do you even look? And the biggest question; where do you start?


Fortunately for us in the modern era, we have access to guitar greats unlike any other time in guitar history!!! The days or even years of searching to find the tools to build the techniques to open up the fretboard is a thing of the past… the age of true breakthrough is here!


If you are ready to become a player who confidently solos and creates incredible melodic phrases… my good buddy Jack Ruch has all of the answers for you.


✅ Chord tones? Covered

✅ CAGED system? Covered

✅ Triads? Covered

✅ Arpeggios? Covered

✅ Scale shapes and how to use them? Covered

✅ How to target the notes that matter when soloing over progressions? Covered!


🚨 Everything you need to know to drastically improve your melodic soloing is laid out step by step in Jack’s new course
The Art Of Melodic Soloing.


The best part is Jack is no flash and all phrase!!


There isn’t any showing off here, just rock-solid lessons taught in a way that anyone can learn. A world-class player teaching you how to create captivating melodically driven solos, what more could you ask for?


If you are serious about taking your soloing to the next level do not miss this one.


Everything you need to succeed is here:  charts, tabs, jam tracks, recommendations for further listening & exploration and more.

The Art Of Melodic Soloing


Great course and highly recommended. I thought I would breeze over a lot of it but am realizing that I did have some dead spots on the fretboard. I am already starting to sound more melodic and am playing with more intent. I know that at the end of this course I will have more confidence and be a better player. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks guys...cheers!

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The Art Of Melodic Soloing


Bought the course yesterday, it's a gem, thanks Jack, and Brett.