The Magic Of Triads - Rhythm Edition

with Jack Ruch



Unlock Your Rhythm Playing

With the Magic of Triads | Rhythm Edition


Are you ready to be a rhythm machine... chock full of killer rhythm guitar skills?


Do you want to be the one creating all of the memorable secondary guitar parts in a song (think Brown Eyed Girl for example)?


Want to understand how to play rhythm like Hendrix, Keith Richards, The Edge, funky groove parts like in James Brown and endless R&B classics, and understand monster blues players like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robben Ford?


Then Jack Ruch’s new course The Magic Of Triads Rhythm Edition is the place to start.


From the genius of Hendrix to the timeless sounds of Steve Cropper and bands like The Meters, triads are a key element in their music. In this course, you will learn how to use triads to create your own unique rhythm parts.


If you ever wanted a course that is full of immediately applicable rhythm guitar ideas at a mellow easy-going pace then this course is right up your alley.


Jack is a fantastic teacher and one of the most soulful guitarists around today. A hometown favorite around Nashville and an upcoming world-class instructor online let Jack Ruch show you The Magic Of Triads and what it can do for your rhythm guitar playing today.


The Magic of Triads | Rhythm Edition Includes:
​✅ Over 3 Hours of Video Lessons
​​✅ Instant Access via Your computer, Tablet or Smartphone
​✅ ​PDF TABs and Guitar Pro Files 
​​✅ Studio Backing Tracks

The Magic of Triads
-Rhythm Edition-

Course Outline

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In addition to the video lessons, you will also get downloadable PDFs with tabs, making it easy to take the content and apply it to your playing.

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The Magic of Triads
-Rhythm Edition-