Tim Pierce Bundle

Blues Soloing Secrets

Blues Soloing Secrets


Tim Pierce Bundle

$198.00 USD

This bundle includes:

  • Full Spectrum Guitar
    • Tim Pierce - A Session Man's Guide to Rhythm Guitar
    • Tim Pierce - A Session Man's Guide to Lead Guitar
  • Tim Pierce - Making The Song
Full Spectrum Guitar

Full Spectrum Guitar will completely transform your playing in as little as a few short weeks. 

Here’s what else you can expect inside this premium set of TWO courses: 

  • Discover how you can think on your feet and play memorable solos at the drop of a hat
  • TIMELESS STYLE: Classic rhythm and blues comping from Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer
  • The secrets to “one-string” playing and how to make the frets “disappear” 
  • One of the most melodic things you can do when playing lead… and how to combine speed with sounds your audience will remember on the drive back home 
  • A “hybrid” style of lead playing you haven’t seen… and fantastic alternative to single-note soloing… that you’ll be running back to again and again 
  • REVEALED: The most POWERFUL thing you can do when playing a melody to make it sound more “connected”
  • How to alternate between “clean” and “dirty” styles of playing with ease 
  • FILL IN THE BLANKS: “_____ sensitivity is equally important in lead playing as it is in rhythm playing.” Don’t know the answer? You’ll find out in the course!
  • The easy way to get a relaxed AND strong vibrato (hint: it’s where ALL the strength is in your playing)
  • The type of blues playing Tim will NEVER stop loving… and one of Tim’s greatest influences. You’ll get access to some of Tim’s best lessons from these “closed-door” sessions. 
  • Tim’s Favorite Gear! How to use them, when to use them and why.
  • Plus… lots lots more!
Making The Song

This detailed, nine hour digital course includes over 100 videos designed for players of every skill level: from beginners to those looking to up their game. The course begins with Tim’s personal encyclopedia of rock licks which will literally walk you up the ladder in genres ranging from classic to progressive rock. The goal is to combine taste with technique. The heart and soul of the tutorial comes when Tim goes into the psychology of every note and phrase he plays. Later, with Tim’s help, you’ll take the jam tracks, break them down to the drums, and build them up again with all new guitar parts. Finally, you’ll wrap up with an extensive tour of guitars, amps, and effects. This course is truly the first of its kind, giving you invaluable tools of the trade and the secrets of getting tone all for less than the cost of a pedal.


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