Tiny Chords

with Mark Lettieri


Tiny Chords

Great Things Come In Tiny Packages

When it came time to have 5-time Grammy winner Mark Lettieri back for another course, I couldn’t resist!


You can't pass up the opportunity to have him dive deeper into his unique style of rhythm guitar playing. Whether it's laying down a soulful R&B groove, adding some serious grease to a funk track, adding chest-thumping hard rock rhythms, or even dipping his toe into the realm of country twang,  Mark can play all of these styles at a world-class level.


To top it off he plays in all different kinds of band formats, trio, 4-piece, and even up to 10 people when he is playing in the award-winning band Snarky Puppy. so he knows what it takes to make rhythm guitar parts work and more importantly... cut through a mix.


This is where what Mark likes to call “Tiny Chords” comes into play. Tiny Chords are a pivotal part of both Mark’s rhythm and lead playing. They are what enable him to come up with hooky, creative, and unique-sounding guitar parts that both stand out but also don’t take over the other instruments in a band.


If you are ready to move past using standard open-position cowboy chords or chunky bar chord rhythm guitar parts then Tiny Chords might be just what the doctor ordered.


You will be amazed at just how much the Tiny Chords will enhance your blues, rock, R&B, funk, or even country progression parts. Plus tiny chords are a fantastic way to open up your knowledge of the fretboard.


Imagine being able to play entire chord progressions in one spot on the neck using just three notes, or being able to see tiny chords all over the neck so no matter what format of band you are playing with you can always find a part that fits.


What about being able to learn completely new open and sophisticated-sounding chords all over the neck again using as little as three notes? Sounds good right!?


👉Tiny Chords are what will start taking your rhythm playing to new heights. They will add that seasoned guitar player touch to your rhythm parts and at the same time completely open up your melodic sensibilities.


Tiny Chords is a comprehensive look into how Mark uses Tiny Chords in a variety of musical contexts. The course includes songs in the styles of Rock, Pop, Funk, Gospel, R&B, Country, and Blues.


You've heard Tiny Chords from players ranging from Prince, Nile Rodgers, Joe Satriani, Johnny A, the Funk Brothers, Def Leopard, Andy Summers and so many more... And now Mark will show you how to easily add them to your playing!


Mark shows how to use a variety of chord voicing, inversions, and shapes from straight-ahead triad shapes to more complex and open voicing all while keeping the amount of notes played to a minimum.


These are these chords you’ve seen all the cool cats play in blues jams, funk disco, and R&B, also what the 80’s rock gods used to get all those cool mystical and fire-breathing chord tones or the cool dominant sounding chords used in traditional blues, jazz, and country.


The greatest part of all is these basic same Tiny Chord shapes will work in any type of music as Mark effortlessly demonstrates in the 7 mini tunes included in the course.


Tiny Chords is not just all about your fretting hand! There also is a great picking hand workout as well. Mark’s examples will help you dial in a number of picking hand techniques like concentrating on only hitting specific groups of strings, repeating arpeggiated single-string melodies, picking hand muting, and how to utilize dynamics in your playing to invoke different emotional responses in your rhythm guitar parts.


Mark is one of the most incredible rhythm guitarists I have ever worked with. Tiny Chords will take you on an in-depth journey looking into one of the foundational techniques that helped him become one of the best all-around guitarists out today.


As always there will be tabs, guitar pro files, and jam tracks to help you on your way to making Tiny Chords become another tool in your rhythm guitar arsenal.


If you want to step up your rhythm guitar game and learn from one of the best rhythm guitarists on the planet Mark Lettieri’s Tiny Chords is just one click away!


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase there is a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee!


The Course Includes:

  • Over 3 Hours of Content

  • Instant access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Studio backing tracks

  • PDF downloads with full tablature

Tiny Chords

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Tiny Chords