Melodic Soloing On Guitar

guitar melodic soloing tricks Apr 05, 2017

You’ve learned some scales and some chords and you’re starting to play with friends or maybe even some jam tracks but it’s just not happening. It’s frustrating I know, I’ve been there before (for a long time), a rut I just couldn’t seem to get out of.

To make matters worse, my technique was already good. Major bummer! How come the players in my favorite bands could solo so great and I couldn’t? What did they know that I didn’t? Where did the feel and the melodies in their solos come from? Then, I stumbled across a couple of really simple tricks that changed EVERYTHING! 

Check out this Youtube lesson… it will give you a quick sneak peak into some of the tricks I've leared over the years. 

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No Scale, No Problem – The 10 Minute Guide To Fretboard Freedom

Could it be true, melodically solo over chord progressions without knowing what scale to use!?!

Short answer, yep!

The best part is that it’s really pretty simple. The trick is to look for chord shapes rather than scale shapes. When you’re able to see chord shapes all over the neck, you no longer have to be worried about a scale when it’s time to solo. When you solo from the chord shapes you’re automatically hitting the right notes because you’re using the chords themselves as your map!

How about when the tune changes keys in the middle of the song? No problem! You’re still covered because again, you simply use the chord shapes as your guide. You won’t need to figure out all the scales you need when the key changes, keeping you out of your head and in the moment.

This is all laid out beautifully in the CAGED system but that can take some time to get under your fingers, so check out the video below to start wrapping your brain around the...

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