I'm back!

news May 28, 2017

Miss Me?

I sure hope so, and I’ve missed you more, but I’m back with some amazing free lessons for you (straight from the new studio, but more on that in a bit), and also a quick update on all things PapaStache :-) read on for some major announcements...

Major Stache-nouncement #1

I have a brand new home that I’m really excited about at brettpapa.com. If you’ve known me for awhile, you know my true passion is to take learning guitar to new levels of both awesome skill, and innovative teaching to make it easy and fun. This new site is going to allow me to do so much cool stuff for you, I can hardly believe it.

I’ve also just invested in a totally new studio setup. And I did it so I can bring you even higher quality, better guitar lessons than I’ve ever produced before. Papa’s got a brand new ‘stache ;-)

Major Stache-nouncement #2

Extending my vision for bringing you the best guitar training on the planet, I’m focusing on my...

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