Player's Perspective with Jack RuchĀ 

Beautifully Simplistic... IncrediblyĀ Melodic


Start nailing the chord changes and become a seasoned well oiled melodic blues phrasing machine!

I work with a ton of fantastic guitarists. All of them have unbelievable phrasing, great tone, and chops for days. 

In all honesty, though some of them are at levels of playing that can be pretty intimidating for both myself and thousands of other everyday guitar players.

I mean it’s amazing to watch and super inspiring to see the high levels people can achieve at their craft but I sometimes walk away feeling what they can do is just beyond what I can achieve. 

There has got to be a middle ground between terrifying technique, moderate level phrasing, and typical overused blues licks that many of us are tired of playing. 

Enter Jack Ruch! 

I first was exposed to Jack through his Instagram and was immediately taken back by his amazing phrasing, great tone, and some of the best feel and note choices that I had heard in a long time. I’m talking the kind of stuff you can listen to all day!

The best part was the phrasing was beautifully simplistic in its approach, super melodic, and the note choices were far from common typical stale blues lines. 

To top it off there was nothing he was doing that I felt that I would never be able to achieve. Pure class a blues at a mortal man’s technique level. 

This is by no means saying Jack isn’t a beast of a player or capable of ripping the cover off the ball if he wants to ( I’ve seen him do it a number of times checking out his gigs) but he totally exemplifies what playing for the song is all about. 

All this to say and I have still left out the best part about Jack, he is a fantastic teacher!  

No fluff or useless concepts just pure melody-making magic. Do you want to start nailing the chord changes to become a seasoned well oiled melodic blues phrasing machine?  

This new deep dive into blues phrasing with Jack Ruch is your ticket! 

It’s all the best of modern blues and classic R&B playing at a level just about anyone with a basic handle guitar playing can benefit from. 

Let Jack help you to start getting better at the guitar today! 


The Course Includes:

  • Over 2 Hours of lessons

  • Instant access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Studio backing tracks

  • PDF downloads with full tablature

The Player's Perspective with Jack Ruch

You Will Learn:

  • How to play melodic phrasing with a new level of sophistication

  • Solos and lines that will give you the ah-ha moment

  • Major and Minor 2-5-1s

  • Relative Minor and Parallel Minor

  • How to "borrow" chords

  • How to use Secondary Dominants

  • and so much more!

Instant Access

Once you buy The course you will have instant access to everything.

You can access the courses & lessons from your computer, tablet or smartphone with the Kajabi app.


In addition to the video lessons, you will also get downloadable PDFs with tabs, making it easy to take the content and apply it to your playing.

Take It With You

The course is built on Kajabi, which means you can take it with you on mobile or a tablet by simply downloading the Kajabi app!

The Player's Perspective with Jack Ruch