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NEW Hendrix Unleashed

From classic Hendrix rhythm styles to signature style lead licks, and a massive exploration of Hendrix-inspired tone this course has it all. 

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CAGED Unleashed

Discover a proven method to finally unlock the solos stuck in your head! CAGED will set you free. 

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Latest Guest Course!

Money Tones is quite simply, the easiest method I know of to create unique and interesting solos using your existing knowledge of Pentatonic and Major Scales.

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Spotlight on CAGED Unleashed:
The Ultimate Guide to Fretboard Mastery

This course will show you:

  • The CAGED system shapes in both major and minor and my personal favorite - mixing the two together!!
  • The Pentatonic scales and shapes (major and minor)
  • A powerful shortcut to create over 50 pentatonic licks using each of the shapes in the CAGED system
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Featured Instructors

In addition to his own courses, Brett also brings in some of the best in the industry to help you become the guitar player you want to be.

Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce is an American Session Guitarist who was named as one of the Top 10 Session Guitarists by Guitar World Magazine.

Tim Pierce Bundle

Corey Congilio

Nashville-based session and touring guitarist, online educator Universal Audio, Martin & PRS Clinician.

Complete Blues

Robbie Calvo

Robbie is a session player, songwriter, master guitar educator, alumni of G.I.T. in Hollywood and Yamaha/Line6 Clinician.

Money Tones

Jeff McErlain

Jeff McErlain is a Brooklyn based guitarist and instructor. With over 30 instructional courses available and a successful youtube channel he is one of the top guitar educators.

Blues Rock Masters British Edition

"Your CAGED Unleashed course is EXACTLY what I needed. It’s literally a workout for my fingers to get in those shapes all over the neck! Gonna be sore tomorrow!"

Andrew Yonke
Owner | Chicago Music Exchange

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