How To Play Major Pentatonic

I get this question from a lot of my students and it goes something like this, “How come playing major pentatonic is so much more difficult than minor pentatonic?”

So, on our journey towards learning how to solo I find that most of us start learning the minor pentatonic scale first. We spend hours and hours learning scale positions on top of trying to figure out how to land on the right notes when jamming at home or with our friends. After months of that and learning tons of minor blues licks, that day comes when the guy down the street wants to jam over a major progression and suddenly something isn’t right. Not only is the scale in a different spot, but you’re trying your best to use all your licks and none of them sound right. That’s because all the target notes are in a different spot of the scale in major pentatonic.

In the video below, I’ll help you remedy that and get you confidently jamming away again with your buddies down the street or...

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Rhythm Guitar Tricks

guitar hendrix rhythm video Mar 24, 2017

I still vividly remember riding home with my brother in our Mom’s blue Mercury Topaz listening to our local SoCal radio station KLOS when Hendrix’s Bold As Love started playing. It was an epic moment for me and honestly one of the first times I had ever even paid attention to rhythm guitar. Up until that point it was 80’s metal solos 24 hours a day, and the faster the better! After hearing that song, I dove deep into Hendrix. I was dying to know what he was doing rhythmically and how on earth he got a soloing freak like me to start wanting to play rhythm guitar.

In the video lesson below you will learn tons of rhythm guitar tricks Hendrix used in songs like Bold As Love, Little Wing, and Castles Made Of Sand. Inspired by early R&B guitar players Hendrix added his own unique style, creating an amazing new way of playing rhythm and lead lines at the same time. He did this using double stops, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs within the chord shapes. As...

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