Blues Soloing Outside The Pentatonic Box with Jeff McErlain

lead soloing Mar 16, 2020


In this video, we welcome back once again the amazing Jeff McErlain. In this guitar lesson, we go over blues soloing outside the pentatonic box. It's a way to not only use the pentatonic scale that we know and love but also how to hit other melodically enticing notes that we may not be using from the chords in our progression. When you use these "other" notes it can open a whole other realm of melodic possibilities!

If you want to support Jeff make sure you do it here in the link below!

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Want to kick your playing up a notch? Check out my courses and take your playing from copying other people’s licks to creating your own!

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Top 3 Beginner Soloing Tips With Erich From

soloing Feb 26, 2020


Your Guitar Sage in da house!!!

Erich was one of the first YouTube guitar instructors around. He has an awesome Youtube channel with hundreds of song, technique, and livestream videos and also great website for learning guitar that focusses all levels of learning as well as many different musical styles.

Check out his links below!


YouTube channel:


Want to kick your playing up a notch? Check out the website and take your playing from copying other people’s licks to creating your own!

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I'm back!

news May 29, 2017

Miss Me?

I sure hope so, and I’ve missed you more, but I’m back with some amazing free lessons for you (straight from the new studio, but more on that in a bit), and also a quick update on all things PapaStache :-) read on for some major announcements...

Major Stache-nouncement #1

I have a brand new home that I’m really excited about at If you’ve known me for awhile, you know my true passion is to take learning guitar to new levels of both awesome skill, and innovative teaching to make it easy and fun. This new site is going to allow me to do so much cool stuff for you, I can hardly believe it.

I’ve also just invested in a totally new studio setup. And I did it so I can bring you even higher quality, better guitar lessons than I’ve ever produced before. Papa’s got a brand new ‘stache ;-)

Major Stache-nouncement #2

Extending my vision for bringing you the best guitar training on the planet, I’m focusing on my...

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Should You Practice Rhythm In Your Warm Up Routine?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

Should you practice rhythm in your warm up routine? The answer, in short is absolutely! Think about it, 90% of the time you play guitar whether learning songs or playing in a band is playing rhythm guitar. So, it’s crucial that you focus on rhythm at least part of the time in your warm up. Remember your favorite songs, the ones that inspired you to play guitar? They’re always composed of great rhythm parts, so naturally you should have a routine to help develop that side of your playing.

With that said, rhythm guitar is what I have always struggled with most. Single note arpeggiated stuff in particular was my weakest link as a player and as it turns out, I’ve realized I’m not alone. To work through that, I developed a routine for myself that I’m going to share with you in this video. I’ll go over some picking hand patterns, incorporate some fretting hand techniques and some ear training to boot! A three for one special, just for you! The cool...

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Tricks To Soloing In The Pocket

Are you already wondering what the heck soloing in the pocket is? Well, finding the pocket is the key to making what you play feel good. The term pocket refers to how you line up rhythmically with the groove of the song. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing rhythm playing or lead work, the pocket is where the money is at.

I already showed you how to start doing this when it comes to rhythm playing, but now its time to make those leads feel great! In today’s free lesson I’ll teach you just that! Much like the rhythm version of this lesson, we start by learning to listen to what is going on in the drum groove. Get the drum groove used in the lesson here. In learning to synchronize your lead phrasing with the patterns created by the drummer’s kick and snare, you’ll be well on your way to creating perfectly pocketed solos! Once you get the hang of this, your improvised solos will take on a life of their own. So, fire up your amp or grab that acoustic and...

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Want to Supercharge Your Rhythm Playing?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

I’ve been teaching people how to play guitar for over 15 years and noticed a common theme among most of my students. They can play some songs, know some scales, and most can do some lead work. The problem comes when it’s time to play rhythm and lead with a metronome or a drummer. While metronomes are great they can be more difficult to start with and to be honest, a little boring. That’s where your new drummer I’ve found comes into play (pun intended)!

Jamming with a solid drummer will have a huge impact on your ability, it will literally improve every aspect of your guitar playing!! Want to be able to lay down a fat rhythm groove or bust out a perfectly pocketed solo? Then, understanding how to play with a drummer is crucial! Don’t get me wrong, learning to play your favorite song is great; but playing that song while locked in with the rhythm section, now we’re talking!

If you’ve ever wanted to play in a band, being able to lay it down...

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Melodic Soloing On Guitar

guitar melodic soloing tricks Apr 05, 2017

You’ve learned some scales and some chords and you’re starting to play with friends or maybe even some jam tracks but it’s just not happening. It’s frustrating I know, I’ve been there before (for a long time), a rut I just couldn’t seem to get out of.

To make matters worse, my technique was already good. Major bummer! How come the players in my favorite bands could solo so great and I couldn’t? What did they know that I didn’t? Where did the feel and the melodies in their solos come from? Then, I stumbled across a couple of really simple tricks that changed EVERYTHING! 

Check out this Youtube lesson… it will give you a quick sneak peak into some of the tricks I've leared over the years. 

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No Scale, No Problem – The 10 Minute Guide To Fretboard Freedom

Could it be true, melodically solo over chord progressions without knowing what scale to use!?!

Short answer, yep!

The best part is that it’s really pretty simple. The trick is to look for chord shapes rather than scale shapes. When you’re able to see chord shapes all over the neck, you no longer have to be worried about a scale when it’s time to solo. When you solo from the chord shapes you’re automatically hitting the right notes because you’re using the chords themselves as your map!

How about when the tune changes keys in the middle of the song? No problem! You’re still covered because again, you simply use the chord shapes as your guide. You won’t need to figure out all the scales you need when the key changes, keeping you out of your head and in the moment.

This is all laid out beautifully in the CAGED system but that can take some time to get under your fingers, so check out the video below to start wrapping your brain around the...

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Are Warm Up Routines Important?

When I was a wee lad first learning how to solo on guitar, my teacher showed me a bunch of cool scales that blew my mind. I thought this is it, this is what I have been looking for to propel me to guitar god status. All I’d need to do is to learn all the scales, be able to play them really fast and shazam, people would surely be reading about me in the magazines! Haha, we can all dream!

I did learn them all and fifty ways to play them up and down the fretboard; building up quite a bit of speed and technique in the process. In reality what those scales gave me was a great warm up routine. What it didn’t do was teach me how to become more musical.

Fast forward too many years to mention and eons of running scales, picking patterns, hammer-on and pull-off exercises. I decided I needed to start warming up in a new way. I set my intention and purpose of becoming more musical every time I picked up the guitar to warm up and devised a three part warm up routine. Starting today...

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Could Your Guitars Controls Be The Key To Great Tones?

Could it really be that simple? While it might not be the only trick to getting good guitar tones, it’s a cheap and effective place to start. Check out live clips of Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Beck, Page, and Van Halen and you’ll see they’re always messing with the volume knob and their pickups. It’s also a great way to simplify things while playing live. Instead of tap dancing on pedals you can keep it all to the controls of your guitar. I shot a YouTube video demonstrating this idea, check it out below.

Start out by getting the best distorted tone you can, then back off on your volume knob and use your pickup selector to clean up the sound for rhythm or clean parts. Keep in mind that while you might not get a sparkling clean tone with this approach, your slightly dirty clean tone will sound clean once the whole band is playing. When the solo or heavy rhythm part comes back in, turn up that volume knob and let it rip! Give it a shot! This super simple approach has...

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